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accommodation at CASA AMADA MALECON From 33 CAD


Dreams of a small family business began baptizing with every blessed sigh soul of its customers .so 4 years we are here, with these things we tell you they are really alive in every moment and dating back two decades ago when Casa Amada opened its doors in 262 Lealtad Altos between Neptuno and Concordia, and is therefore the origin of the project elsewhere today also face the rolling waters bordering the northern coast of the Cuban capital.

Living with nearby strengths like being in front of the Malecon (50 meters), American Embassy (100 meters) Hotel Nacional de Cuba (250 meters), it invites us to have quality services and room to play and honor an environment of illusions as blue sea we look with every sunrise, the tranquility of the place where the gulls fly through the air leaving the divine taste for every guest says: I`m at Casa Amada Malecón

Address: Calle (Street) Calzada nº 55 entre (between) M y N, Vedado, Havanna City, Cuba, Código Postal 10400

Total rooms: 2

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accommodation at CASA AMADA MALECON