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Canon Shot Ceremony at La Cabaña FORT

Photo of Canon Shot Ceremony at La Cabaña FORT excursion

Prices From 55 CAD

Excursion: "Canon Shot Ceremony at La Cabaña FORT"
Type Excursion: HALF DAY TOUR

Departure: Monday – Sunday
Time Departure: 07:30 PM


La Cabaña Fort on the eastern side of the bay, one of the biggest ever built by the Spanish in the Americas, and with a breathtaking view of Havana city, witnesses one of the oldest traditions of the city which was started by English soldiers.


  • Tour of La Cabaña Fort.
  • Visit to Arms and Fortresses Museum on site, as well as the former Ché Guevara’s Commanding Headquarters.
  • Visit to San Carlos Chapel.
  • Join the legendary Cannon Fire Ceremony.

Price per pax and minimum 2 pax.