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Tropicana Show (Offer 3)

Photo of Tropicana Show (Offer 3) excursion

Prices From 181 CAD

Excursion: "Tropicana Show (Offer 3)"
Excursion Type: PRIVATE / NIGHT TOUR

Exc. Time: 3 hrs
Time Departure: 21:00 hrs


Enjoy of a superb cabaret-style show of Cuban music and folklore.

Included: Show, welcome cocktail, 1/4 bottle of "Havana Club" aged Rum, a cola to mix your drink, mini-snacks + priority seating area + souvenir.

Please note:

  • Rates not valid for peak season period from Dec 27th to Jan 2nd. Supplements apply.
  • Only adults over 18 y.o. allowed.
  • Dress code: formal casual.